Thursday, January 10, 2013

Listing of New and Old Corporate Bond Trading Venues

Venue Launched Players and structure Liquidity, stats and so forth
New York Stock Exchange 1792 Specialist Bond Liquidity Providers (BLPs) Sample liquidity report
BondDesk 1995 Closed (BondDesk Institutional) and open (BondDesk ATS) Current offerings. Sample transparency report
TradeWeb 1997 Sell side to buy side RFQ model
Knight Bond Point 1999 Closed EOB Began as ValueBond
Market Axess 2000 Sell side to buy side RFQ model
Bonds.Com 2011All-all
BondVision 2011 Sell side to buy side
Aladdin 2012 Blackrock clients.
Vega-Chi 2012Select ATS High Yield only (stats)
GSessions 2012 Goldman clients On hold?
UBS PIN-FI 2012 UBS clients. "Price improvement network"
CitiCross 2013 Citi clients (hybrid electronic/voice) Story
JP Morgan 2013 JP clients
Bond Pool 2013 Morgan Stanley clients Story
DelphX 2013 All to all Larry Fondren (of InterVest)
If you'd like your bond trading venue to flash on this table send $20 in a brown paper bag to the author.

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